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Rhinelander, Wisconsin is located in Oneida County in Northern Wisconsin. It was home to the Rhinelander Brewery until it closed in 1967. After this, the Rhinelander brands have been brewed in Monroe, Wisconsin. Our objective is to re-build a brewery in Rhinelander, Wisconsin with the newly formed Rhinelander Brewing Company, LLC and acquisition of the Rhinelander brands, trademarks and recipes.

Rhinelander, Wisconsin is known for its great fishing and hunting with over 10,000 lakes in the area - seems like a lot as the whole state of MN is known as the “land of 10,000” lakes. It is also well known for its world famous hodags all over town, a must see when you visit. The hodag is a mythical creature created by Rhinelander pioneer and timber cruiser Gene Shepard in 1896.  Rhinelander also hosts the Hodag Country Music festival each year in July.

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